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How The NEW JERSEY worksHistory of safety barriers

Various wall barrier profiles in reinforced concrete produced by ABESCA are tested using the following Regulations::

  • D.M. L.L. P.P.n. 223 del 18.02.9(General Inspectorate for Traffic and Road Safety)

  • D.M. L.L. P.P. n. 4621 del 15.10.9(Update DMLLPP n. 223 of 02/18/92)

  • D.M. L.L. P.P. del 03.06.98 (Update DMLLPP n. 223 of 18/02/92)

  • D.M. L.L. P.P. del 11.06.99 (Update DMLLPP n. 223 18.2 .92)

DM infrastructure dated 21 June 2004 "Official Gazette No. 182 of August 5, 2004"
transposing the European standards EN 1317 - Part 1,2,3,4, and since January 1, 2011 Part 5.

ABESCA wall barriers are already with the "CE" mark.

They are also verified for use on roads in accordance with D.M.L.L.P.P. guidelines, 5 11 2001 on Roads geometry and reported in their installation manuals, the calculations for the evaluation of the space needed in the use of existing roads.



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