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How The NEW JERSEY worksHistory of safety barriers
Median two-wire strip with ground H4b-Mod. ET105BT Tested

ET75-Barrier profile “Trapezia” tested in class H1 Tested

 Barrier-ET100 symmetric single lane approved class H4b Approved

Double lane Symmetric median strip barrier-ET100 tested in class H4b Tested

New Jerset Bridge border approved class H4b Approved

ET100-barrier profile redirective tested class H2 Tested

ET100 redirective-barrier profile with led lights tested class H2 Tested

Asymmwtrical-barrier "ET98" tested in class H2 lateral border Tested

Asymmetrical-barrier “ET98” tested in class H” bridge border Tested

Barrier-H100 profile “New Jersey” tested class H3 median strip single lane  Tested

Barrier “H120” profile “New Jersey” tested in class H4b median strip single lane  Tested

Symmetrical lateral border barrier approved class H4b Approved

Symmetrical lateral border barrier-ET100 approved class H2 Approved

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